The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University is a university scientific journal, of nation-wide recognition, in Romanian and English, which publishes high quality original studies articles, disseminating results of scientific research in the military field.

The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University is a quarterly open-access journal, a valuable scientific resource, the published articles being available online, without restrictions, to researchers, practitioners, students and other categories of users.

The frequency of publication of the magazine is quarterly. The months of issuance are: March, June, September, December.

The journal encourages the submission of interdisciplinary studies, research and international comparative analysis. The articles are accepted for publication after a rigorous, anonymous and impartial review process of each article, made by specialized scientific references.

The mission of The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University is to promote military scientific research worldwide, encouraging international dialogue and supporting the exchange of information among military researchers.

Currently, all articles published in The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University are indexed in the following prestigious international databases and catalogs:

  • Director of open access journals (DOAJ)
  • EBSCO International Security & Counter-Terrorism Reference Center
  • ProQuest 
  • Index Copernicus
  • Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L)

The activity of the journal is carried out based on the legal provisions in the field of military sciences and aims to preserve and enrich the cultural and scientific heritage in the field.

The organization chart of the journal includes:

- Editorial Board

- Scientific Board

- Scientific reviewers


The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University is a prestigious scientific publication in the field of "Military sciences, intelligence and public order" of the National Council for Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATCU).

Journal History


The first issue of The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University was published in 1937, April-May, upon the approval and at the initiative of Great General Staff no. 2872/23 January 1937, holding particular significance, as it was also mentioned in the Rules and Regulations of Superior War School of that year. A landmark among the Pleiades of the periodical military publications of the interwar period ("The National Military Museum Bulletin" [1937-1942], edited by the National Military Museum in Bucharest, "The Soldier Guide" [1937-1939], edited in Bucharest by the Great General Staff, "The Bulletin of Military Training and Physical Education" [1926-1944], Bucharest etc.) The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University remains the longest publication in existence, having 80 years of tradition and value. The high significance of this publication is given not only by its endurance in time, but also by its constant quality of space of expression for the highest ideas stemming from the most important military higher education institutions in Romania. The appearance of the "Superior War School Bulletin" (the first title of the publication) was closely related to the re-establishment of the respective institution on new bases. This was on the premises which host its publishing board nowadays too, a building founded in 1937 by King Carol II and inaugurated in 1939 on the occasion of the 50-year anniversary of the "Superior School of War" (in Romanian, Şcoala Superioară de Războiu”, previously known as "Şcoala Superioară de Resbel", founded by the Royal High Decree, No. 2073, issued by King Carol I on the 8th of August 1889).

The publication of the Bulletin was considered to be one of the most important objectives of the Superior War School in its role of disseminating military knowledge in the army. In this respect, the director of that time, General Paul Adrian Teodorescu, said: "By this act we are setting off in the tough mission which we are willing to take on for the sake of serving the institution".

The debut of the Second World War, the abdication of King Carol II on 6 September 1940, and the establishment of Antonescu regime until August 1944 led to the temporary suspension of the Bulletin. The irregular appearance of the early years, which was definitively ceased in the years of the war, was resumed in 1945. The topics were diverse, each issue dealing with a particular subject. The interruption was explained in an extensive "Foreword" of five editorial pages, which showed "the need to initiate the army in the new military doctrine”, taking into consideration the new political context of Romania. The topics approached highlighted the problems in communicating information in ground, tactical and combat reconnaissance that offered the benefit of taking initiative and in defense situations gave the opportunity to dominate the opponent. In 1956, it was established that the issuance of "Military General Bulletin" was going to be quarterly, which has been a constant fact up to the present day.

The name was changed over time, following the official name of the institution, so in 1991 the name was changed to "Bulletin of the Academy of High Military Studies", then in 2003, in the "National Defense University Bulletin" and since 2005 it has had its current name: The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University. The continuous changes at the level of higher military education in Romania, and especially those produced in the dissemination of information, have affected the means of communication and use at the level of human knowledge. The political, economic and social changes that have taken place over the years have also had a strong influence on how the military specialists, involved in the education process were to be informed.

At present, The Bulletin of "Carol I" National Defense University represents a forum for debate and analysis for specialists with academic and professional background. The journal is also open to teachers, researchers, doctoral students and postdoctoral students, students, military and civilian personnel, to institutions belonging to the sphere of defense, public order and national security. The importance and role of the publication in the development of learning and research have been continuously analyzed and solutions have been applied that currently include, in addition to being published in the online environment, also the yearly issuance of an English edition, under the title: "Bulletin of Carol I National Defense University", both publications being available at http://buletinul.unap.ro/

Starting with 2011, The Bulletin of “Carol I” National Defense University has been acknowledged as a prestigious publication in the field of "Military Sciences, Intelligence and Public Order" of the National Council for Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates, indexed in international databases. The features required for high-standard performance, designed to rapidly cope with organizational changes, are also found in the on-line version of the journal, where the elements of flexibility, creativity, teamwork, collaboration, capacity of synthesis, intellectual curiosity justify through their quality the significant cultural experience of the 80 years gone by. All these, interconnected, contributed to the promotion of the image of the institution in the academic environment, strengthening, as if necessary, the motto established by King Carol I:

LABOR IMPROBUS OMNIA VINCIT! (Persistent work conquers everything!).